Cell Phone Laws in El Paso

Cell Phone Laws in El Paso

El Paso Cell Phone Laws

If you’re speaking on a cell phone while driving in El Paso, you are in violation of the city’s ordinance prohibiting cell phone usage by drivers. In some other Texas cities, you are not breaking any laws by speaking on a cell phone behind the wheel.

Cell phone ordinances vary from city to city. Laws can vary from state to state. In El Paso, police can issue tickets to people they see talking on a cell phone while driving or texting while driving.

According to reports, El Paso police say the number of cell phone-related car accidents has gone down since the ban went into effect.

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Other cities in Texas that have enacted local distracted driving laws include Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Galveston, Missouri City, Stephenville and San Antonio.

Statewide, the law prohibits drivers under 18 and learners permit holders (during the first six months of driving) from using wireless communications devices. Additionally, school bus drivers are barred from using cell phones if children are present.

All drivers are prohibited from using handheld devices in school crossing zones.

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