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Texans like to drive big vehicles like SUVs. These big vehicles can get through all types of weather and have plenty of storage for families. The down side is SUVs are top-heavy and prone to rolling over in accidents. Rollover accidents can lead to severe injuries and even death, which may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Thirty-six percent of fatal SUV accidents involve a vehicle rolling over, a recent study found. Sixteen percent of passenger car accidents involved a rollover.

Causes of rollover accidents in El Paso

Design defects and tire blowouts due to tread separation are a couple of possible contributing factors in a rollover accident.

Injuries can include traumatic brain injuries or paralysis, which may be the result of occupants being thrown from the vehicle during the rollover.

Depending on the circumstances, our attorneys may consult with accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals and other experts to build a strong personal injury case for a client.

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