improperly loaded truck accidents

Injuries due to improperly loaded truck accidents can be severe

For safety reasons, the government puts weight restrictions on trucks. An overweight truck or improperly loaded trucks can cause a truck’s tires to blow out or brakes to fail, or may lead to other safety problems.

Trucking companies may neglect to follow the rules and overload their trailers to boost profits. An accident caused by an overweight truck or an improperly loaded semi can be devastating and catastrophic.

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A closer look at trucking weight regulations

The Department of Transportation requires trucks not to exceed 80,000 pounds. When trucks exceed the DOT limits, the driver may have a harder time stopping the tractor trailer. A rear-end accident caused by a truck often can be traced back to an improperly loaded semi truck.

In handling an overloaded truck accident case, we consult with accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help us build a strong personal injury case for the client. We can determine who was responsible, including any possible third parties involved in the overloading of the truck. We can pore over records and find out if the truck driver failed to stop at a weigh station along the highway.

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