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Personal Injury Lawyer

Defective Products

Defective product injuries call for experienced legal representation

Toys, household appliances and laptop computers are examples of products many people take for granted. Unfortunately, a product you may use every day can harm you due to a design defect. If the product is defective, unsafe, or if the product fails to meet design, construction or performance standards, you may have grounds for a products liability case.

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How defective products can harm you or your family

A defective product may cause harm to you or your family members in any number of ways, including:

  • A fire or shock due to a defective appliance or household product (for example, a toaster, laptop computer, a lamp)
  • An injury to a child playing with a dangerous toy or using a defective children's product such as a car seat or a crib
  • car accident occurs due to a defective automobile or defective car part

Product defect cases may arise out of a manufacturer's failure to provide sufficient warnings or instructions on the product. It's important to take action promptly. The Statute of Limitations may affect your right to pursue compensation.

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