Let El Paso Social Security Disability Lawyer Michael Gopin Work Hard For You

You are probably like most Texans and have been working hard your entire life. Every day you put in money to our country's Social Security Disability system, in the form of the "FICA" contribution listed on every paycheck stub. This is Social Security tax. If you are now unable to work due to illness, injury or disability, you can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI or SSDI) payments. But filing your SSD application and the complicated SSD process overall can be intimidating, because the extensive SSD paperwork is confusing and must be filled out meticulously.

As diligent, El Paso Social Security Disability attorneys, we can help. Don't be fooled by ads and websites about so-called Social Security "advocates." They are not Social Security Disability lawyers and cannot appear in Federal court or SSD hearings on your behalf. They don't know SSD law inside and out, but we do. They cannot go to bat for you, but we can. They are not on your side, but we are on your side and have been fighting for the rights of good people just like you for over 25 years.

Disabled in El Paso and Unable to Make a Living? Let Us Go After Social Security Benefits On Your Behalf

Every year, the Social Security Administration is inundated with over 2.5 million SSD benefits applications and as many as 70% of SSD claims are rejected. If you have a denied SSD claim, let us put our extensive experience to work for you. Whether you have not yet submitted an initial SSD application or your SSD application was denied and you need help with the SSD claim appeal process, we can help. And if you're confused about the difference between Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income, we will explain all your options. We will examine your entire case to find out exactly what payments you may be eligible to receive.

Don't Trust So-Called SSD "Advocates" - They Can't Go to Court For Clients!

Every injured or disabled El Paso resident has the right to apply for SSD benefits but understanding SSD pamphlets and websites can be overwhelming. Social Security Disability is like a savings account, which you have been depositing money into with every paycheck, throughout your entire working life. Now that you can't work due to injury or disability, you have every right to withdraw some of that hard-earned cash you've been saving all these years. Don't struggle to pay the bills while you're laid up healing from a medical crisis. With the compassionate, powerful attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael Gopin PLLC on your side, your chances of receiving the SSD payments you deserve are far better than if you try to handle the lengthy SSD application process alone.

If you have been struck down with a debilitating medical condition-from a workplace spinal cord injury or stress-related stroke to traumatic brain injury-let us help you get the compensation and closure you need. El Paso, Texas, Social Security lawyer Michael Gopin has been practicing law for over two decades and will fight relentlessly for your justice. Don't delay-call a true disability lawyer today at (915) 532-1111 or contact us online for free evaluation. You don't pay us a cent until we win your SSD or SSI case for you!

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