A Supplemental Security Income Attorney in El Paso Who Can Help You Make Ends Meet

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits help people struggling to get by on a low income, who lack resources and are having a tough time paying bills. People who may be eligible for SSI benefits include those who are self-employed, business owners, homemakers, farmers or anyone who has been out of the workforce for a long period. In certain cases, Texans who have worked only a brief time and who may not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits may also be eligible for SSI, as well as children of low-income parents. The helpful attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael Gopin PLLC know that it is frustrating and discouraging to be ill, injured or disabled and not be able to make a decent living. Your pride is on the line, as well as your family's well-being-and we can help.

You May Be Eligible for Texas SSI Benefits-Let Us Help Pursue the SSI Payments You Need

Whether you have never applied for SSI benefits, you are appealing a denied SSI claim or you aren't sure if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits or SSI payments or both, El Paso SSI lawyer Michael Gopin can help you get results. Many good people in the El Paso area are struggling, some unable to pay rent or mortgage, some with a home in foreclosure. Some are out of work, having been laid off due to the tough economy. Many Texans collect unemployment but still can't pay the bills. The SSI program provides cash to people who cannot afford basic necessities, such as shelter, clothing, and food. Let us help you fill out the complex SSI application forms, ensuring that they are completely accurate, so that you can have the best chance possible to get the SSI payments you need. You pay nothing to us until we win your SSI case and will have nothing to lose. Whether you need help applying for SSI payments or the complicated SSD process, we're the legal team you need.

With SSI benefits, you'll not only have a far better chance of finally making ends meet, you'll be able to sleep better, knowing you've got a hard-working SSD attorney fighting for your rights. Call the Law Offices of Michael Gopin PLLC today at (915) 532-1111 or contact us online for a free evaluation. We're on your side-call now so we can help.

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