El Paso SSD Lawyer Michael Gopin Can Guide You Through the Difficult Social Security Process

The Social Security Administration is a massive United States government department, and every Social Security Disability (SSD) applicant must wade through mountains of SSD paperwork and complex regulations. Just filing your SSD application can seem overwhelming, and most first time SSD claim applications are denied. You may feel discouraged, particularly if your first SSD application was denied. Michael Gopin can help make it a simple and successful process.

A Tough El Paso Social Security Disability Attorney Who Can Fight For Your Rights in SSD Appeals Court

There are many phases in applying for Social Security Disability benefits, and we can help you navigate each of them, no matter where you are in the SSD process:

  • Initial determination - Your claim will be reviewed by a disability examiner at the Disability Determination Agency. It is very likely your claim will be rejected but, with our help, you can make a successful appeal!
  • Reconsideration - During the appeal process, another disability examiner will examine your SSD claim. It is common for SSD applications to be denied twice, however, when you don't have a lawyer.
  • Hearing With an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) - On the third try, with our help, you can successfully appeal to an ALJ and will usually have a much better chance with an experienced SSD lawyer on your side.
  • Appeals Council - If you were also denied by the ALJ, we can help plead your case directly to the Appeals Council. A dedicated El Paso SSD lawyer can submit written arguments on your behalf and get the results you need.
  • Federal Courts - If the Appeals Council rejects your claim, we can help file a civil case in Federal courts, starting with the U.S. District Court, where our attorneys can put experience to work for you.

With so many stages in the denied SSD claim appeals process, you need an aggressive disability attorney by your side. An El Paso SSD attorney can help fight for your rights, from filling out the SSD application forms through every appeal phase. If you need help applying for Supplemental Security Income benefits, the Law Offices of Michael Gopin can help with that too. Call (915) 532-1111 or contact us online for a free evaluation. There is no obligation, and you pay us nothing until you win.

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