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U.S. Roadways More Lethal During Pandemic

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As communities across Texas and the rest of the United States continue to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, more people are venturing out of their homes and onto the roadways. After being cooped up inside for weeks, a short road trip sounds like a treat. However, recent statistics may make you think again. Despite the reduced numbers of cars on the road during pandemic shutdowns, the traffic fatality rate shot up, according to a report in The Washington Post.

What the Statistics Show

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, city streets and interstate highways showed noticeable shifts in traffic volume and patterns as stay-at-home orders began to take effect:

  • Statewide, Texas traffic volume was down almost 30%, and The Dallas Morning News reports that city traffic was about 20% lower during the first week of May 2020 than an average week in late February of the same year.
  • Between March 28 and April 3, Austin experienced a 49% drop in traffic volume, San Antonio saw a 43% decrease, and Fort Worth had a 42% drop.

At the same time, highway authorities have reported an increase in speeding and reckless driving nationwide. So, despite significant shifts in traffic patterns, Texas saw a 6% increase in roadway deaths within the first three months of 2020.

Why the Increase in Traffic Fatalities During the Pandemic?

State police agencies and highway patrol departments believe lighter traffic tempts some to drive faster. Empty highways allow irresponsible drivers to push their vehicles to the limit. Given this increase in speeding and reckless driving behavior, it is no surprise that there has been a death rate increase on Texas roadways.
Speeding is a major factor in many car accidents. Speeding cars require more time to stop. If the driver fails to react in time, a collision can result. The faster the car’s speed, the higher the risk of a driver losing control and causing a rollover accident. In addition, safety features such as airbags may not function as designed during a high-speed crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that speeding contributes to 26% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents.

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