Big Rigs Roll Out New Stopping Technology

Collision mitigation technology offers great promise to save lives on the roadways of Texas. It’s developing quickly, at least as far as passenger cars are concerned. But will trucking companies be as swift to embrace the new safety equipment? How technology can prevent truck collisions Ron Kremer, a writer with the National Safety Council, recently...

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Federal Regulations Can Reduce Wrong-Way Accidents in El Paso

Wrong-way driving may not be as frequent an occurrence as other roadway hazards, but when it does occur, the damage can be devastating. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that wrong-way collisions account for just three percent of all accidents on the high-speed divided highways of the United States. They are, however, more likely to...

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Texas Trucking Accident Risks Increase with Deregulation

Texas motorists will likely face an increased risk of tractor-trailer accidents, after a series of moves in Washington to sideline rules aimed at improving the safety of truck and train transport. USAToday is reporting the Trump Administration is moving to roll back regulations across the government, including rules aimed at speeding truckers. Truck Safety Rules...

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Nationwide Increase in Truck Fatalities Hurts El Paso Road Users

The United States has experienced a surge in truck accidents in recent years. Often, these accidents disproportionately impact occupants of other vehicles as well as vulnerable road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians. When an injury or death is caused by a truck accident, it is important to consult with an El Paso truck accident...

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Can Autonomous Truck Hacking Put El Paso Drivers in Danger?

Self-driving cars have brought many exciting possibilities to the roads of America. Autonomous Ubers, delivery trucks, and other vehicles make it possible for persons and goods to safely reach their destinations. But autonomous driving features pose risks as well. The security of self-driving vehicle functions is a new problem that auto manufacturers have never encountered...

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How Trucker Fatigue Can Lead to Truck Accidents in the El Paso Area

When truck accidents occur, they are often the result of many different causes. These factors can impose legal responsibility for the accident upon the driver, the truck’s owner or the transportation company that owns the truck. Consult with an El Paso truck accident attorney to learn more about the legal rights injury victims have after...

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