Will New Commercial Trucking Mandate Reduce Truck Accidents in El Paso?

Truck accidents have long been a public safety hazard on the roads of America. Now, federal regulators are attempting to reduce the number of truck accidents by requiring commercial trucks to be installed with new electronic logging devices. This addresses long-time issues with truckers inaccurately logging their time in order to cram as many miles...

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How Road and Infrastructure Improvements Can Reduce Truck Accidents in Texas

There are many causes of truck accidents in Texas. While not all can be effectively addressed, one of the most basic improvements to truck safety is the quality of roads and infrastructures on which they travel. When bad roads or structures are legally responsible for causing a truck accident, injury victims have a legal claim...

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Outdated Trucking Regulations Harm El Paso Injury Victims

Truck accidents kill and injure thousands of Americans every year. Yet outdated insurance regulations mean that many trucking companies carry insufficient coverage to compensate victims and their families for their devastating losses. Injury victims are legally entitled to be compensated for their injuries. Contact an experienced El Paso truck accident attorney today to protect your...

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Supreme Court Ruling Lowers El Paso Truck Accident Risk

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a federal program mandating electronic logging on trucker hours, a move that will likely lower truck accident risk in Texas and throughout the country. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) appealed an earlier decision ruling the Department of Transportation, as well as the Federal Safety Administration, had...

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Will Allowing More Twin-33 Tractor-Trailers Reduce Truck Accidents in El Paso?

Last year, the appropriations bill for 2016 included provisions which would have changed the rules for tractor-trailers on U.S. roads. Currently, under federal law, twin 28-foot tractor-trailers are permitted, but larger twin trailers are not generally allowed. The appropriations bill would have changed the rules to allow for twin 33-foot trailers.  There are many arguments...

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Opioid Use Among Truck Drivers Causing Rising Accident Risks in El Paso

According to, several major common carriers are requesting that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) modify rules related to drug testing of drivers. Currently, commercial drivers will generally take a urine test in order to determine if they have drugs in their system. The carriers asking FMCSA for a change believe a hair test...

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