Top 10 Dogs With the Strongest Bite Force

Dogs are often used to guard homes because they have good senses and powerful attack instincts. Most dogs have a bite so strong that there is almost no way to forcibly dislodge a biting dog from its victim. Some dogs have bites so intense that they can break an arm or even leg bones. For those needing assistance after a dog bite, reach out to the Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin for expert legal help and support.

Just as arm strength differs in humans, so does bite strength in dogs. Some dog breeds have much stronger bite force than others. While strength will also vary between individual dogs, testing has confirmed an average strength for each breed.

The strength of dog bites is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This unit of measurement can be used to compare the relative forces of the bites of different types of dogs. You can compare these values to other things that are measured in PSI.

For example, the average punch has a PSI of approximately 150, and the PSI of a punch by an elite boxer average close to 800.

The strongest dog bite force PSI is comparable to the latter, and the weakest on this list is greater than the former. Remember these values when reading about the average PSI of the following dog breeds.

10. Chow Chow (220 PSI)

Chow Chow dog bite

The PSI of this dog’s bite is roughly one and a half times as powerful as the average punch. You can probably imagine this bite feeling roughly like a construction worker punching you. It probably won’t break any bones, but it will hurt a lot.

This is particularly impressive because a chow chow is a smaller dog. It also doesn’t look particularly threatening. It is about the size of a large watermelon, extremely fluffy, and usually has rounded ears. This is a good example of why you should be wary around dogs you don’t know, even if they look cute.

9. American Pit Bull (235 PSI)

American Pit Bull

How strong is a pitbull bite? This is a good question since pit bulls are often considered dangerous dogs, frequently appearing on lists of dogs that are banned in some towns or at apartment complexes.

Despite this reputation, the average pitbull bite force isn’t even twice as strong as the average human punch. What makes the average pitbull bite most threatening is the strong legs of the dog. This lets it latch on and drag its prey around.

8. German Shepherd (238 PSI)

Serious black and tan German Shepherd dog posing outdoors in a forest lying down on a ground in spring

Bred to herd livestock, German shepherds are strong and smart dogs often used to guard homes in modern-day society. They are also popular with law enforcement. The good news is that German shepherds are typically not very aggressive animals unless provoked. However, that also makes them more dangerous in some ways.

Because German shepherds look and act friendly, kids are likely to want to play with them. Unfortunately, dogs often can’t differentiate between rough play and a fight. This could result in German shepherd bite force being applied to the limbs of a young child.

7. American Bulldog (305 PSI)

American Bulldog texas

The American bulldog is another breed of dog that looks much less dangerous than it is. Due to the way its head and tongue are formed, a bulldog often looks like it is smiling. That smile can turn into a bite in an instant if provoked. At 305 PSI, this bite is strong enough to break or crush some bones, particularly in children.

6. Rottweiler (328 PSI)

rottweiler dog bite texas

The rottweiler is similar in demeanor to an American bulldog. It is friendly and good-natured most of the time. However, it can become aggressive without any warning when it feels there is a threat present. When that happens, it becomes fearsome, even if it isn’t trained to attack.

If it is trained to attack, a rottweiler is one of the deadliest animals you could encounter in a public place. Like a bulldog, rottweiler bite force is one of the highest of any domesticated dog.

5. Wolfdog (406 PSI)

Wolfdog bite texas

Imagine getting punched by a bodybuilder. You would expect that punch to break some of your ribs. That is approximately how it feels to be bitten by a wolfdog. This isn’t surprising since wolfdogs are domesticated animals bred with wolves. If you look at them, you can see their wolf heritage in the shape of their ears, muzzle, and legs.

Many people would immediately be wary of a wolfdog. The resemblance to wolves is striking enough that many people recognize them as a threat. They are also larger than a lot of dog breeds.

4. English Mastiff (556 PSI)

English Mastiff dog breed in the park

Despite having more than twice the bite force of a German shepherd, this dog breed is less dangerous than some. English mastiffs are very tame and generally considered safe to be around children.

They will easily destroy their chew toys and possibly even the furniture, but they are unlikely to bite a person. Bite incidents are also low among this breed because these dogs are enormous. Their size makes people wary of them despite their gentle temperament.

3. Cane Corso (700 PSI)

Cane Corso dog bite Texas

The cane corso bite force PSI is roughly as powerful as the average punch of an elite boxer. Until about 20 years ago, this dog was primarily found in Italy. However, it has increasingly become popular in the U.S.

The cane corso isn’t quite as large as an English mastiff, on average. But it is a large dog that is roughly the size and weight of a pre-teen (and quite a bit stronger).

2. Bandog (730 PSI)

This dog is Bandog. Beautiful dog.

This is a crossbreed between a bulldog and a mastiff. That makes it big, strong, and extremely loyal. It has some of the personality of both animals, which means it is mostly non-aggressive but can become fearsome when threatened.

1. Kangal (743 PSI)

Turkish Kangal dog in the pasture in winter. Livestock guard dog. Kangal dogs can perform their duties in the harshest climates and working conditions and do not understand the meaning of fear.

What dog has the highest bite force? The #1 dog with the strongest bite is a little-known dog called the kangal. The kangal dog bite force is roughly five times as powerful as the average punch. This is almost certain to break bones in adults or children, possibly even leg bones.

You aren’t likely to see one in day-to-day life since they are bred in Turkey to herd livestock. But if you do see one, you will know it instantly. It has extremely long legs and often stands close to three feet high on all four legs.

What to Do if You Suffer a Dog Bite From One of These Dogs

Any dog bite can be dangerous. But if one of these dogs bites you, it could be life-threatening. They have such powerful jaws that they can shatter bones or destroy organs with a chomp.

If you are bitten, get medical treatment immediately and advise the authorities about the bite. You should also contact a personal injury lawyer right away. In Texas, the dog owner is typically responsible for compensating you for a bite unless you antagonize the dog. Our law firm can help you take the necessary steps to get that compensation.

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