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Truck driver distraction demands the skills of an experienced attorney in El Paso

Truck drivers who get distracted behind the wheel pose a grave threat to other motorists. Distracted driving has been a problem for decades, but with the increase in the number of cell phones and other hand-held gadgets over the past few years, more distracted driving collisions are being reported.

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Regulations target truck driver distraction

Federal law prohibits truckers from texting while driving. Truckers who are sending or receiving text messages are 23 times as likely as other drivers who are not texting to be involved in a crash or near miss, according to an analysis by Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute. Even talking on a cell phone can increase the chances of an 18-wheeler collision.

Truckers spend much more time behind the wheel than the average passenger car driver. Their cab is essentially their office. Instead of focusing on driving, some truckers may be using a computer to conduct business. They may be eating their meals while on the go. There even have been cases of truckers who watch movies on their laptops while driving.

Our tractor-trailer accident lawyers in El Paso have access to collision reconstructionists and other experts who can help build a strong case. We can examine the cold, hard facts to determine if driver distraction played a part in your semi truck accident.

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