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Injured in a car accident in El Paso? It’s important to take action quickly so you know your rights. A car accident with injuries can be overwhelming. You can take your first step toward restoring order in your life by contact an experienced El Paso personal injury attorney.

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A closer look at car accident injuries

Even small car accidents can result in significant injuries that might not be apparent until hours, days or weeks afterward. For example, you may not realize how serious your head injury is until a doctor’s examination reveals the full extent of the damage. You may also sustain internal injuries that are not detected until a doctor performs an MRI.

Some injuries, however, may be apparent at the scene of the car accident. For example, you may be unable to move your limbs due to broken bones. In a rear-end accident, you may feel neck pain immediately – a sign of whiplash.

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC, we understand what car accident injury victims are going through. Our car accident injury lawyers in El Paso are dedicated to helping victims pursue the compensation they deserve.

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