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A personal injury attorney knows how to maximize claims related to denture cream injuries

People using some of the top brands of denture cream may be putting themselves in harm’s way. Brands such as Fixodent and Super PolyGrip are linked to severe nerve damage. Adverse side effects include numbness in the extremities, difficulty in walking or in some cases paralysis.

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Denture cream side effects

If you or someone you know uses denture cream and has experienced any of the following side effects, please get in touch with an experienced El Paso attorney to learn about your rights:

  • Tingling in arms and legs (paresthesias)
  • Painful or abnormal sensations when touching something (dysesthesias)
  • Difficulty walking or lack of coordination when walking
  • Weakness or heaviness in arms and legs
  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of balance

Zinc, which is used in denture cream, may be harmful if used in excess. Some denture wearers may exceed the recommended dosage, which can lead to zinc poisoning in some cases.

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