Pay It Forward: Old Glory Memorial

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Sandra: Well, in today's "Pay It Forward," we are here in the northeast side of El Paso at Flags Across America, a great place that honors our fallen soldiers from every single war. And now, they are in need of our help.
Tony: I am Tony Lewis, L-E-W-I-S, President of El Paso, Texas Flags Across America. Flags Across America, we started approximately about 20 years ago. Back then, I approached the college, had a vision of trying to get a flag put out here. This land was available. It had not been done, and I thought for quite a few years, "Boy, how neat it would be to put a flagpole up here." So that vision became a reality, and it was approved. The land was approved, and through lots of volunteers, donations, the original flagpole was put up in December 3, 2003, and from there, it lasted all these years. Lots of ceremonies, lots of volunteers have come and gone until last year. We had to take the pole down because of premature failure on the pipe and the welds, which is why we are here today to raise funds, money, to get our new, U.S. flagpole put up.
Michael: This flag represents our country. It represents what our country is made of and the values and the integrity we have as a country and a whole, and we have this memorial here with lots of flags here. And with Old Glory in the middle of our park here, it's just something you can see from the freeway. You can see it all over town in the northeast, and just, you know, we're here, you know, in the Fort Bliss side of town, and I think that it's great for our veterans. It's great for our country and our city.
Sandra: Bringing back the flag is a sign of our country. It means so much, and it means freedom. And just the meaning behind it is very different for everyone, but there is one unity, and it stands for America. And having that flag fly so high is such a beautiful symbol. So seeing that it got damaged, and we're trying to get it back to where everyone can see it, I think that's a great cause.
Tony: Tonight is really important. We're gonna have different food trucks coming out, lining up, and that's what they're doing right now. We've invited the people to join us around from 6 to 9. So we're here to raise money, but without flag, there is no country, and there is no more beautiful flag than the United States flag, the red, white, and blue. And we must keep it going because without it, we have no energy. And we have to keep it going because if we don't, we will lose our country.
Michael: Please come out and visit this memorial. It's a great place to visit, and I challenge El Paso to raise money for our flag. Let's get it back up. We'll be able to see it from all over the area. Let's do it.
Sandra: This is certainly a great event. I'm hoping to see that the community comes out, as well, to help make a difference for those who fought for our country and who are being honored. Now, if you're not able to make it out here, I highly recommend you head over to their website and see what you can do by donating. It is OLDGLORYMEMORIAL.ORG. So with that, don't forget, there is nothing too small that can't make a difference.