Pay it Forward with Michael Gopin – Animal Rescue League

El Paso personal injury attorney Michael Gopin reaches out to the community help animals at the Animal Rescue League.
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Loretta: Animal rescue, just rescue itself is important because these guys don't have a voice, but the shelters are here to help. And unfortunately, you know, these little guys don't ask to be born, but they're here. So somebody has to step up and take care of them. Hi, I'm Loretta Hyde with the Animal Rescue League. I'm also the founder since 1995.
Well, COVID has affected, I think, everyone here in El Paso. Besides the two-legged, our four-legged friends have suffered quite a bit. People are having to lose their homes. They don't know what to do with their pets. They can't afford to pay their bills, so they can't afford to buy dog food. You know, it's just unfortunate for everybody that's suffered from this pandemic.
Michael: I think everybody needs help these days. And I think the Animal Rescue League needs help because, you know, people aren't thinking about donating to these types of organizations during COVID, that places like the Animal Rescue League get forgotten. They do so much for the animals and they provide such a great service to the community that these places are important to remember.
Loretta: We've continued to take over 800 animals in since COVID started. They, unfortunately, suffer the consequences of a pandemic as well. So, you know, they don't have a choice. We are their voice.
Michael: Well, I think it's very important that humans have pets in their home. I think it's very healthy for people. It provides companionship to them, someone to take care of. I think there's been many medical studies that show the very great effect that it has on people's health. So I think it's a great addition to anyone's home.
Loretta: You know, with us not being able to have our fundraisers so, you know, being out there and asking for donations and just trying to make ends meet, it's really affected all of us that have to do rescue. So we need everybody's help. We all have to help each other, which ultimately helps these guys. We definitely need help from the community.
Michael: We love this community, and we're totally devoted to the animals in this community, and the people that own them, and to help everybody out. We're gonna take care of all the food needs of animal rescue for a year. Their dogs, their cats, they don't have to worry about how they feed these animals, but their focus is, how do we get good animals, make them better, and get them placed in great homes?
Loretta: With everybody's support and, you know, it's just going back, and making sure that everybody is taken care of, but you know, these guys are worth it.
Michael: I would like to challenge the people of El Paso and Southern New Mexico to donate to organizations like the El Paso Animal Rescue League. I think they're very important and they're very important for our community. We so much appreciate all your hard work and it's such an important thing, and these animals, I'm sure, love you.
Loretta: Thank you. I love them too though. This is my passion.
Michael: This is where it is, right?
Loretta: This is where it touches my heart, yes.
Michael: Well, good.
Loretta: Thank you.
Michael: And on behalf of Pay It Forward and the Law Offices of Michael Gopin, we'd like to present you...
Loretta: I have goosebumps.
Michael: ...a check from us to help out. I hope that will help...
Loretta: Oh. Ooh. Oh, it does. Thank you.
Michael: ...feed some hungry animals and...
Loretta: Yes, darling. Thank you.
Michael: You're so welcome.
Loretta: And with COVID, we haven't had any fundraisers, so this helps so much. We appreciate it.
Michael: We're challenging El Paso and New Mexico too...
Loretta: That's right.
Michael: come into play.
Loretta: Save a life, you betcha.
Michael: That's right.