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Ask A Lawyer - Michael Gopin

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Interviewer: Okay. Last question. Well, it’s not really a question, it’s more of a…There aren’t a whole lot of specifics, but I think we can speak generally when it comes to slip and falls. “Ask A Lawyer” with Michael Gopin, Steve Kaplowitz from 600 ESPN is asking the questions today because Tricia will be out for a bit.

Steve: So, Laura wants to know if any El Paso attorney can help with a slip and fall case that happened in Las Vegas.

Interviewer: Yeah. See, very little details.

Michael: Very little details, but I understand what she’s talking about. You know, the attorney in Texas probably will not be licensed in Nevada, so that is an issue. But that becomes an issue later in the case if it doesn’t resolve itself through the pre-litigation process. So, we have handled, and many other people have handled cases from Nevada or different states. However, if it needs to be litigated, if it needs to go to court, you need to associate with an attorney that’s licensed in that area. So, what we have is we have attorneys in Las Vegas, for example, that are licensed, that we work with. So, if we have a case that people live here, we can help the person get the case rolling. And if need be, we’ll associate the Las Vegas licensed attorney and file a case in Nevada. So…

Interviewer: Okay. So, like, sometimes I’ll see commercials and, on the bottom, if you look closely, it’ll say, “Not licensed in the state of Texas.” Is that what that means? Like, what they can’t practice in the state or they can, but they can’t do various things?

Michael: In that commercial you’re talking about, no, they couldn’t practice at all. But that really geared towards, you know, litigation and things in court. You could ask the court for permission to enter in a case on a case-by-case basis, which sometimes they grant. But the smart thing for an attorney is to associate with an attorney in that state that’s licensed. So, they can have, you know, the best representation possible.

Interviewer: So, let’s say in a situation like this where you have somebody in the state, like, in this case Nevada. So, if I’m the one that’s bringing you the case, is that costing me more because now…

Michael: No, it’s not costing you more. The attorneys make an arrangement between themselves to divide up the fee. So, the fee doesn’t change for the client, but the lawyers split up the fee depending on how much work they do.

Interviewer: Oh, I get you. I get you. Okay. And it’s probably more convenient for the person from El Paso in this case, Laura, to find somebody here with that kind of an arrangement, it’s not gonna cost them anymore. And they can get, you know…

Michael: They get local representation…

Interviewer: …contact…

Michael: …and they get the licensed attorney in Nevada.

Interviewer: Okay. All right.

Steve: That was gonna be my question. Attorney fees and how that works when you go with other attorneys in other states and how you would handle it.

Michael: So, yeah, attorneys just will make an agreement between themselves and the client is aware of what the agreement is. And they sign off on it as well, and doesn’t cost the client any additional fees at all.

Interviewer: Okay. All right. So, it sounds like Laura’s got…it’s like a no-lose kind of situation [crosstalk 00:03:03] for her in respect of having an El Paso attorney take care of that.

Michael: Exactly. Sure.

Interviewer: Okay. All right. Well, thank you again Michael Gopin.

Michael: Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: Appreciate you coming in.

Michael: Good to see you guys.

Interviewer: Steve, thanks for helping us out. I…

Michael: If you need stories on Steve I could always…

Steve: Ay, not on the air, not on the air.

Interviewer: I know who to go to now.

Steve: That’s right. He’s got some dirt on me, but you know what? Here’s the good news, I’ve got dirt on him. So, it works.

Interviewer: All right. I think this does not benefit you…

Michael: No.

Interviewer: …Michael.

Michael: Steve was…

Interviewer: Give me any…[crosstalk 00:03:33.936] Yeah, doesn’t benefit you at all. Because, you know, Steve doesn’t have to be licensed to be on the radio.

Michael: That’s true.

Interviewer: So, yeah, the cost is higher on you.

Michael: I tell you.

Interviewer: Okay. And more than likely we’ll have Steve on next month as well when you visit again. We’re not really sure when Tricia’s coming back, but it may not be in time for the next Michael Gopin. If it is though, for “Ask a Lawyer,” either way you can use the app or you can use the website if there is a legal question that you’d like us to put in front of Michael Gopin the next time he’s around. Thank you very much.

Steve: Thanks.

Interviewer: “Ask A Lawyer” on 93.1 KISS FM.

Michael J. Gopin

Michael J. Gopin has practiced law in El Paso since 1987. Even after more than 30 years, he still remembers his first jury case. It was two weeks after receiving his license, when he represented a person whose life had been forever changed after being blinded in a work-related incident...


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