March 6th Begins National Consumer Protection Week

National Consumer Protection Week

National Consumer Protection Week helps people understand consumer rights and consumer protection laws that affect them. The goal is to help consumers avoid scams and defective products that could harm them. 

When Is National Consumer Protection Week?

National Consumer Protection Week will take place March 6 to March 12, 2022. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be hosting educational events and webinars this year about subjects such as:

What Is a Defective Product?

One important consumer right is to be free from injuries caused by defective products. A defective product is one that poses an unreasonable risk of harm to someone who uses the product for its intended purpose. Defective products are the cause of many injuries and deaths in the United States every year. There are generally three types of product defects:

  • Design defect – A design defect is present when a product design is faulty. Design defects affect all of the product line, not individual units or batches. For example, products may be defectively designed because they cause fires, lack safety guards, or pose a choking risk. 
  • Manufacturing defect – A manufacturing defect occurs when there is a problem during the manufacturing phase that affects certain batches of products. Common types of manufacturing defects include products missing components or contamination occurring during production. 
  • Labeling/warning defect – A labeling or warning defect arises when a product lacks important warning labels or instructions, which makes the product unreasonably unsafe for normal use. Labeling or warning defects include not listing other medications that a medicine may have an adverse reaction with, missing safety instructions, or a lack of warnings that toys can present a choking hazard. 

Anyone who puts their product in the stream of commerce must ensure that consumers can safely use the product. Nonetheless, greedy manufacturers still continue to sell defective products to the most vulnerable consumers, including toxic baby food marketed to infants or defective combat earplugs to our nation’s heroic military servicemembers. If you or a loved one was injured by a defective product, a defective product lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the harm you have suffered.

How to Find Out About Product Recalls 

You can visit this government site to check for active recall cases. You can also check for current lawsuits related to defective products, such as defective hernia mesh products.

How to Get Involved in National Consumer Protection Week

You can take part in National Consumer Protection Week by:

  • Joining the FTC for its scheduled events
  • Interacting on social media with consumer protection groups during the week
  • Hosting a forum, workshop or seminar in your community about an important consumer protection issue 
  • Promoting consumer education through publications 
  • Distributing consumer protection materials

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