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How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Demand justice for your motorcycle accident injuries

How do motorcycle accidents happen? The question is not an easy one to answer because many factors may come into the equation. One startling statistic about motorcycle accidents – 30 percent of wrecks are caused by drivers who say they did not see the motorcycle.

Insurance companies for drivers in many cases will try to place the blame on the motorcyclist, regardless of the facts. Our El Paso motorcycle accident lawyers know how to examine the facts and skillfully negotiate with the insurance companies. We will make sure our clients get the results they deserve.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced attorney for a consultation. The Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC can put resources and skills to work for our clients. If you sustained head injuries, broken bones, or any other type of serious injury, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost time from work, pain and suffering, as well as other losses.

How negligence plays a part in El Paso motorcycle accidents

Driver negligence is a primary cause in a motorcycle accident. The following are a few examples of how a driver might cause a motorcycle wreck:

  • Driver turns into rider’s right of way
  • Driver is DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driver is exceeding the speed limit or driving recklessly
  • Driver is sending or receiving text messages

A serious injury can create many setbacks. You may face significant medical bills and a lifetime of doctor appointments. If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we may be able to help you with a wrongful death lawsuit.

In any type of motorcycle accident, an El Paso injury lawyer with our firm is ready to work for you.

Contact an El Paso Motorcycle Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC

For a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Michael J. Gopin, PLLC. Call 915-532-1111, or contact us online. A seasoned motorcycle accident attorney in El Paso is ready to answer your questions and discuss your best course of action. With our motorcycle attorneys on your side, you can tell the insurance companies you mean business.

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