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An El Paso Attorney Discusses Driver Reliance On Truck Safety Technology

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El Paso road users have been waiting long enough for the trucking industry to improve the safety of its large commercial vehicles. It’s a slow progression, but the industry is finally coming around, according to

Many of today’s trucks come equipped with:

  • Lane-departure warning systems: Using sensors to monitor lane markings, this feature warns drivers of unintentional lane departure by emitting sounds or steering wheel vibration.
  • Collision-avoidance alerts: This feature alerts drivers when a collision hazard is imminent.
  • Rollover protection: When a potential rollover has been detected, this feature may decelerate and stabilize the vehicle.
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS): These systems most commonly include adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and blind spot detection.
  • GPS fleet tracking: Using satellite technology, this feature keeps track of a truck’s location, speed and direction traveled, and time of use.
  • Dashboard cameras: By monitoring truck drivers, dashboard cameras can provide real evidence of negligence if a crash occurs.

While truck safety features may help prevent devastating accidents, it can have unintended consequences.

Drivers can become too reliant on this technology. They may forget what it’s like to drive defensively or judge potential hazards in front of them.

What if the systems fail?

Many safety features, especially ADAS technology, may malfunction from time to time. This can be due to:

  • System errors: Any kind of technology that is computerized or autonomous can experience errors. This is when drivers should be prepared to take complete control of their vehicles.
  • Environmental factors: Cameras and sensors may be blocked by rain, fog, or snow. When inclement weather occurs, drivers should avoid using safety features.

It is not only up to truck drivers to use this technology with due care, it is up to trucking companies to make sure their drivers are well-trained and experienced. Relying too heavily on safety features could put others in danger when things go awry.

Injured in a truck accident? Contact an attorney today!

If you were injured in a truck accident after a safety feature malfunctioned, you may be faced with costly medical procedures and months of physical therapy. Furthermore, the trucking company may launch an aggressive investigation using its own team of adjusters and attorneys. The results are always biased.

That’s why you need an experienced El Paso truck accident attorney on your side who will thoroughly investigate your crash. If the safety technology failed to do what it was designed to do, the driver may have been texting, filling out paperwork, or engaging in other distracted behavior rather than being fully engaged.

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